Dr Jason Finch is a brilliant scientist who is bridging several technologies together to create the world’s first ever time machine.  But he is doing so not for the advancement of mankind, but rather for a more humble objective; to bring his wife back.  

He knows if he can transport her from the past before her deadly accident, he will have full filled his dreams.  Along the way, Dr Finch encounters several issues experimenting with the technology.  He knows he must run a few trials before he attempts to bring his wife back.  

He decides to bring back infamous criminals who’s deaths were heavily documented.  Criminals such as John Dillinger, who’s death is well recorded as far as the time and location.  Bringing back infamous criminals serves two purposes: (1) The infamous whereabouts are well documented and easy to locate.  (2) The accomplishment of the time machine can not be refuted by evidence of a living person who’s death was recorded many years ago.  

On Dr. Finch’s first attempt, Dillinger is brought back, not dead or alive, but in a state, many would believe to be a living Zombie.  He needs to eat flesh for sustenance, but is lacking higher levels of functions.  

Dr Finch is accompanied by his daughter, Logan, and assistant, Eduardo.  Both well accomplished in their particular fields.