Boundary Layer

A thin layer of matter separating the time distortion field with the external environment.  Light from the external environment refracts off of the boundary layer.  

Molecular Biological Revitalization

When a living creature  is “captured”  all organic and inorganic particles must be entangled with particles within the time distortion field. This entanglement is what allows the particles, which make up the object, to be materialized to the present day and location.  If particles are missed, then they can’t be recorded and re-materialized.  The amount of atomic particles in a typical human body is 800 Septillion.  Each particle (electrons, protons, neutrons) which make up the atoms, and in turn form into molecular compounds exhibit quantum behavior which means only a close approximation of capturing all atomic particles is possible, and a 100% capture is impossible.  This is due to the nature of Quantum Physics, in which location and other properties can only be determined statistically and not deterministically.  Professor Finch has determined his process captures 99.999999% of all particles, however 0.000001% of 800 Septillion is .00000001 x 800^27 = 8^19 or 8 Quintillion particles.  The number of particles in each atom is dependent on the atomic mass.  With oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen the most abundant molecules in the human body, the average atomic mass is 12, or 8 Quintillion/12  = 0.67 quintillion atoms.  Each human cell contains approximately 10^14 atoms, which means there are up to 6.7 thousand human cells missing in a typical replication.  

This amount consists of about the diameter of forty hair strands bundled together!  Depending on which cells are missing or altered.  This small, seemingly inconsequential amount appears to be causing large amounts of tissue necrosis, but not causing death.

Plasmatronic Generator

Creates the time distortion field envelope, by projecting temporally polarized atomic particles.  When a target distance and an envelope diameter is entered into a plasmatronic generator device, such as the Time Entanglement Device, or the Remote Vehicle Observatory, a spherical shaped time distortion field is created surrounding the target location.  The spherical shape is induced by phase shifting the beam such that out of phase beam particles cancel each other out, creating a negative space outside of the time distortion field, and in phase beam particles are contained within the spherical shape of the time distortion field.

Quantum Recording

A method of recording the quantums of energy contained within each atomic particle within a given three dimensional space.
When taking a picture of a scene with a camera, the camera captures light reflected off of objects.  What the camera, really captures, is photons (quantums of energy) that emanates from the objects you are photographing.  Color and brightness are components of the level of energy emanating from the billions and billions of photons reaching the camera imaging device.  
Making a copy of an object from the past and transporting that object through time is similar to taking a picture, but instead of recording photons, or quantums of energy, onto an image plate, from an object, we are recording the quantums of energy contained within the object.  In other words we are recording each atom and atomic particle and its association with other atomic particles, and the structure it is part of (atom, molecule, cell, material, etc.)   
This data is modulated into binary data and transmitted using sub-field communication devices.  The bandwidth to record this information is formidable.  The recording space for each atom, depends on the complexity of the atom, for example, atoms with higher atomic weight take more recording space.

Sub-Field Communications

A method of using sub-atomic particles to communicate between two sub-field equipped radios.  The sub-field transmission path forms an arc between the two communication devices.  The arc is formed to account for the difference between the amount of time light has traveled and the location of the target in past time.  For example, if we wanted to communicate with a time distortion field 80 years in the past, we have to account for light speed traveling faster than the planet earth has moved in space.  The sub-field beam must follow a curved path to arc out an 80 light year distance.  The curved path is created by using a spatial modulator which adjusts the phase of the beam at thousands of points across its diameter such that the interference produces a parabola curve. When this path is created a phenomenon occurs.  Quantum energy emitted from that time, within the time distortion field, can be detected, recorded, copied, and transmitted back to present day!

Temporal Polarization

A state of matter which exhibits a high degree of spatial and temporal suspension.  Which means it becomes “disconnected” with location and time.  Temporal polarization is an entirely new state of matter, previously unknown. All are familiar with the three states of matter, solid, liquid, and gas.  Of course there are lesser known states of matter, including plasma,  superconductivity, and absolute zero.  Temporal polarization also does not change inherent characteristics of living things, or material objects.  For example, changing water from a liquid to a gas changes its characteristics.  However, a living being can enter into a temporal polarized state and return unharmed.

Time Distortion Field (TDF)

A three dimensional field where matter, inside the field, is transformed into a temporal polarized state.  Matter within a TDF can be re-positioned anywhere almost instantly, and can be moved in time!  In addition, matter, inside the field, doesn’t react with the external environment.  From an outside observer, all objects within the TDF disappear.  From within side the TDF, an observer can see the outside world, due to light refracting on the boundary layer.  Once the TDF is created it can be propelled through space at any velocity, even the velocity of light.  The reason, is the mass properties of matter within the TDF are zero to the outside world.  A zero mass doesnt experience the relevistic properties that normal matter does and is not a constraint with high velocity or high acceleration.  In addition, physical forces do not affect the objects within the TDF.  Gravity, magnetic, or electrical forces do not interact with objects in the TDF.  External physical objects do not interact, including rain, wind, extreme temperatures, sound waves, radio waves, or blasts from explosions. A person within the TDF experiences weightlessness.  The air temperature within the TDF remains what it was when created.